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The Post Credit Podcast

Dec 14, 2021

Join us today as we discuss our top 10 favorite Christmas movies before we dive into the Hughes/Columbus classic about 1 boy vs 2 immortal robbers, Home Alone. In this episode we discuss many Christmas classics, narrow down the robbers' origin to either immortality or escaped cartoon characters, discuss our top...

Nov 23, 2021

Join us this episode as we defend this sequel, usually regarded as not only inferior but even bad. We disagree and we're taking the time to point out what makes this sequel not as GREAT as the lightning-in-the-bottle original but as good as any Ghostbusters sequel CAN be with iconic, moving and scary moments as lasting...

Nov 9, 2021

Call It Fate..

I Collect Spores Molds and Fungus..

It's The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man..

I Love This Town!

You're More Like A Gameshow Host..

Ghostbusters, Whaddaya Want..

Does Anybody Want To Interview Me?

Who You Gonna Call?


Listen in for this and more as we discuss our most potent childhood IP, Ghostbusters. Nothing...

Oct 19, 2021

Join us as we discuss Python's method of identifying Witches, Ozzy-man reviews, and our Top Johnny Performances. We also speak to the differences between Washington Irving's original work and Tim Burton's masterful retelling and Casper Van Dien's 3 Hollywood roles.