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The Post Credit Podcast

Jul 27, 2020

“The only good bug is a dead bug!” On this episode of The Post Credit Podcast, we’re back from fighting COVID to talk about another nasty bug problem. Namely the problem that Johnny Rico and his fellow bug-killers in the Mobile Infantry have to deal with in Starship Troopers, a 1997 film by the master of cheesy action merged with political and social satire, Paul Verhoeven. Join the PCP as we peel back the layers of this cheesy sci-fi action flick and expose the propaganda-fueled commentary that lies beneath. The tongue-in-cheek film is unforgiving and unabashed in its portrayal of a fascism utopia that seduces you into its ranks as it gives you pretty people and all the shoot ‘em up you could ask for as you succumb to the trappings of gloss and trimmings to forgive the violence. “You wanna live forever?”