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The Post Credit Podcast

Jun 9, 2020

On this episode of The Post Credit Podcast, hosts Randy and Chris of Groundless (A Justified Podcast) join the PCP to discuss the FX show Justified, the best crime show you’ve never watched. It follows US Marshal Raylan Givens as he’s ordered to relocate to his home state of Kentucky after his questionable shooting of a muderous criminal. There, Raylan is forced to face his childhood connections to all the gun thugs and criminals that litter all the hollers and churches of Harlan County. Join The PCP and Groundless as, together, we break down the journey of Raylan and the thin line he walks between lawman & outlaw as he roots out schemers, gun thugs & criminals, and struggles with his wild-haired and wild-eyed adversary Boyd Crowder, who once saved his life when they dug coal together as kids. Will Raylan leave Harlan alive, or is he cursed the same as his brethren? Let’s show it down.