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The Post Credit Podcast

106 Movie Reviews (Knives Out, Jojo Rabbit)

May 27, 2020

Join the PCP this episode as we review 2 recent movies, Knives Out and Jojo Rabbit. The PCP hasn't been quiet on its view of Rian Johnson's Star Wars entry but may just have a different opinion this time around in his original movie Knives Out, a murder-mystery whodunit with plenty of twists and turns. Taika Waititi on the other hand has been on a hot streak as of late and the PCP takes on his most recent original project in Jojo Rabbit, a dark comedy about a young German boy in Nazi Germany who uses his imaginary friend (a hilarious Adolph Hitler portrayed by the director himself) to navigate the confusion his loving nature has with the propaganda that surrounds him. Join us as we give our spin on these two films and what we took away.