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The Post Credit Podcast

105 Star Wars Prequels (Filoni and Qui-Gon)

May 20, 2020

On this episode of the Post Credit Podcast, hosts Matt and Drew dig in to Dave Filoni's recent comments about the fate of the Star Wars prequels and of Anakin himself. The character of Anakin Skywalker is a great portrait of a modern day hero with foibles just as powerful as any. What sets him apart is that this hero actually gives into his dark side fully and to evil itself and thus we are left with the tragic, yes TRAGIC, tale of a fallen hero who could have been more. Dave Filoni's discussion on character and legacy leads him to break down Episode One's Duel Of The Fates confrontation and how it is a perfect way to punctuate the first chapter in a long tale that eventually leads us to a fight to the death between Father and Son. Join the PCP as we break down this discussion and what the consequences and repercussions are for not only Anakin but for the Star Wars saga in general. The prequels have gotten a bad rap in the past and Filoni is here to remedy that by showing fans and detractors alike that ser George had it right all along. It is his story, after all.